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The Story of Arachne, and Why Spiders are Forbidden at Bohemian Grove

  In Book Six of Ovid's Metamorphosis, we find the story of Arachne, 
a Woman Artist who dares to question the "powers that be", the Gods.
 She fearlessly tells the truth, through her art, about manipulative,
 controlling overlords. 
 It is a fable of the wisdom, strength, and devotion of the true artist who
 hears the Muse.  It is also about Transparency.  Arachne knows the that the "God Program" is just a tool of the ultra- elite  conspiracy to maintain the illusion that men and women are small and helpless, and only the 'Powers that Be' are great.
The basic story goes like this: 
 Arachne is a true artist honored far and wide for her exquisite talent of weaving tapestries.  Humans  and nature spirits alike all love to watch Arachne weave, for she is so graceful, that to watch her create the work is as inspiring and delightful as to see the finished article.   The  Goddess Minerva overhears Arachne claim to be better at weaving than the Goddess herself, so she challenges Arachne to a weaving contest to see who can create the most beautiful and finest tapestry.
    On a level playing field, Minerva and Arachne both set up looms and begin to weave the story of the Immortals, the Gods, the Elite.   Minerva weaves a picture that shows images of the Gods in their most regal and respected postures.  She shows them as heroes, saviors, impeccable rulers.  She is certain that her creation will remind all those involved that the Gods protect and care for humans, and that humans are at their mercy for everything,
 at all times. 
  Arachne Flips the Bird at the All Powerful Minerva, and weaves a tapestry that shows the Gods and Goddesses raping, murdering, robbing, and harming humans in horrific ways.  Through her art she tells  the truth of the physical and mental abuse inflicted by the controlling "powers that be''.  
     When the works are completed Arachne emerges as the clear winner.  Of course, Minerva will have none of this, and she destroys Arachne's weaving.  Then she makes a attempt to kill Arachne, but Arachne claims she will take her own life herself, and not let Minerva have the pleasure of the act.  As Arachne hangs herself,  Minerva steps in and changes her into a spider, to hang, spin, and weave forever.  Even though Arachne dies, she succeeds in her act of Transparency and fearlessness.  Interestingly, the next story is about a woman who is inspired by Arachne's bravery, and also tries to challenge the Gods , but fails horribly.  Perhaps it is a warning to women and Artists who speak the truth, that the 'powers that be' will crush anyone who challenges their authority.  But of course, these experiences of extreme contrast only inspire the artists' devotion to the call of the muse, and the refusal to conform to any structure forced upon them.
     Bohemian Grove is a private men's club in Northern California open only to the ultra wealthy and powerful.   There are carefully carved and painted signs all over the property and at the front gates which warn that Weaving Spiders are forbidden entry.   The signs also depict an Owl, which is the Roman  symbol for the War Goddess Minerva.  The men of this organization know that it will only take a few fearless women Artists to topple their whole house of cards.  There are reports that horrific acts of abuse to women and children happen at the Grove routinely.  Of course no woman is allowed, she  talks to much, might weave the truth into a tapestry someday,
 and spill the secrets.
    The story of Arachne honors the men and women who refuse to be restricted by structures placed upon them by those who seek to divide, control, and abuse.  Perhaps it also suggests that eventually the spider finds  a way to gracefully, through her art,  expose any  truth that  "the Gods" wish to hide.  
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