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Pygmalion and the Handler/Slave Agenda

Pygmalion and Galatea are characters in Book 10 of Ovid's Metamorphosis. 

 Traditionally this fable is discussed in classes and in literary circles as an

 illustration of the triumph of the artist over seeming earthly  limitations,  also

 it is seen as a victory for the artist in his pursuit to merge with the Muse.

I see a message far more important here.  Ovid is offering a metaphor for the

 handler/slave agenda.

   Briefly, the story is about a man who cannot find any beauty or worth in

 mere mortal women, so he procures a long, large tusk of ivory,  and sculpts,

 with his own hands,  the woman of his dreams.   He is so proud of his work he

 decides he must bring this lady to life.  Using magical incantations in the form

 of prayer "to the Gods", he succeeds in animating her.  He is her Creator, and

 Handler,  and he marries her,  breeds with her,  and calls her Galatea. 

In the story Galatea is made from, basically, living flesh, ivory full of 

mammalian DNA .  This also recalls Eve being made from Adam's rib,  another

 long phallic shaped piece of ivory.  This suggests that if man the artist

 completely self gratifies, pleasures himself by using this completely

 vulnerable ivory woman, she will be thank full to become his slave, as her

 compliance  is for the good of all.  The creation, customization, control of the

 perfect woman.  Hello Barbie. 

About a thousand years later George Bernard Shaw  reintroduces the story of

 the Handler and his"butterfly" slave,  in a version of Pygmalion that goes

 even deeper into deception and manipulation.  Most critics will say the play is

 about social class structure in London.  I say it is far more.  I see it as

 a foreshadowing of the sick, twisted "art industry"  that seeks to manipulate

 society through propaganda and brainwashing.   Shaw retells Ovid's story as

 follows;  two wealthy, strange men spend their time wandering around

 London on dark, rainy evenings spying on people.  Their game is 

to categorize and pigeonhole people according to speech patterns and

 mannerisms. (Those who divide mean to rule.)  The men manage to seduce

 an innocent girl to come be their student, learn to be beautiful and BEHAVE

 like a lady.  They  toss her coins, and convince her it will do her only good.

  Notice her name Do Little, she is a nobody, of course she will take a chance

 with these guys.  Now notice these men don't want to have sex with her.

   They are obviously satisfied having sex with each other.  No, Eliza is their

 experiment.   This foreshadows the wealthy gay male agenda that is behind

 the Hollywood  school of making human barbie dolls.   All you have to do is

 watch fashion shows to see this;  who is doing the hair, makeup, styling and

 designing?  Mostly gays.  Shaw suggests it is easier for gays to see women as

 objects d'art. ( I am not judging sexual life choices here, this is just what I

 read in the lines of the play.)

Eliza enjoys the game for a while, changing from a Do Little  poor girl, to a 

sophisticated socialite, seemingly overnight.  Eventually she realizes she is

 just a number on their list of subjects to be studied, analyzed and (perhaps 

her info is given to government officials or other powers that be?)  Is this what

 happens to most women who undergo the Hollywood transformation?

We see the Pygmalion Galatea template again in movies like My Fair Lady and

 Pretty Woman, and many others.  The story changes to suit the modern social

 structure, but the story is still about the woman who cannot succeed without

 the man.    So what is a healthy solution to this agenda that tempts young girls

 to become marionettes for rich men?  We must teach our daughters

 unconditional self love.  Compassion, forgiveness, and following the path of 

least resistance, will surely dissolve the illusion of any "powers" that be.

  Unconditional self love provides a perfect mirror for our growth in every life

 situation.  We can joyfully morph and change with every breath, with

 complete excitement, again and again and again, without attachment.  May

 every experience one has, be enlightening in some way.  If an unfortunate

 experience comes our way,  may we always be survivors,  never victims.   Blessed Be 
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