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                           NEW PAINTING!      22" x 30"  Gouache, ink,  and oil paint    $2000.00
                                                                            "Amusement Park"

Sign Pull   Goauche and oil paint   16
22" x 30"  Oil Paint, Gouache, Ink  "Alembicus"  $2,500.00


    Gouache, Ink  18" x "22 $1,900.00  The Green Hook"

The Pink Gun  18

The Pink Gun    Gouache, ink, oil paint  "18 x 22"    $1,900.00

Toy Rocket Land   18

Toy Rocket Land  18" x 22" Gouache, ink, Oil Paint  $1,900.00

     Gouache, Ink , Oil Paint  16" x 22"  $1,900.00    "Push Push"


All paintings shown available for purchase 
except when noted otherwise

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